Our main mission is to make fabulous skin products but at the same time to protect the environment and eliminate waste. We only use natural ingredients such as seaweed, salt, coffee and pure oils in our products. All of our products are completely free of harmful ingredients and are very environmentally friendly. We try to use raw materials that others waste. We use salt that is not eatable but is perfect for the skin because of its high magnesium content. We also use coffee grounds that cafés have used to make espresso and normally would throw away. Perfectly good coffee grounds that still hold 90% of its caffeine strength that we clean and dry and use in our products. We care about our environment and we believe that materials that are harmful for the environment can also be harmful for your body.

It all started over a cup of coffee!

We met at our favorite café on a grey and rainy day in Reykjavik. Like million times before we were having our daily morning coffee. We discovered that this small café discarded huge amount of coffee ground every day.  We started to discuss and found out that they discard 5 kilos of used coffee ground each day that is all headed for landfill. What a sad fact. 

The scale of the problem with this waste got us thinking what could be done with all this surplus coffee ground that is still bursting with good ingredients. Surely there was a way of creating a fresh, first-class product using excess products.

Only a few months earlier Rakel had founded Vakandi, an organization that fights waste and she was constantly thinking about ideas on how to minimize waste. At this moment we knew that we wanted to do something.

We started the experimentation in our own bathrooms and not until long we found the perfect mix. By adding some pure ingredients like salt and oil to our blend, we figured out how smooth our skin became.

This was something we had to share with the world.

We talked to our favorite coffee brand in Iceland – Te & Kaffi – and asked if they wanted to team up with us and start development on skin products- and save the world while doing it!  

Luckily they were as excited as we were and we started our product development soon after. Now, almost two years later, we finally have developed the PERFECT body scrub and other goodies such as hand soap, facemask and shampoo.

All Verandi´s products are completely harmless for the environment and contain only state of the art raw materials that are perfect for your skin – and the planet. 


The team behind Verandi

Rakel Garðarsdóttir is the CEO of Vesturport, Icelandic Film and Theater Production Company. Rakel is an Eco Warrior, believing in Gandhi’s words and using them as her weapon when she founded the movement VAKANDI to increase awareness of food waste. 

Elva Björk Barkardóttir  is a lawyer and founder of Litla Gula Hænan, a free-range chicken farm. She is a humanitarian and a big animal lover. She also has a keen interest in environmental issues.

Egill Þórðarson is a graphic designer and has been the head of the digital department at Íslenska Auglýsingastofan since 2006. Not many people know that he is also one of the lead specialists in Iceland when it comes to baths and showers.